1 month out….

With less than a month before the first event of the season, I wanted to share with you a list of the top items that you should be sure that you have thought through.

1. Schedule:  If you do not have a planner, please take the time to put together an outline of the day.  This will help brainstorm any details that have not been thought through yet.  (it will also be incredibly helpful to your vendors)

2. Transportation:  Please think through how you and your groom are planning on getting to the ceremony and reception and then back home at the end of the night.

3. Wrinkles:  Have you thought about having your dress pressed or steamed, this is especially helpful if you are planning a destination wedding.  Find someone that can steam your dress and the wedding party’s attire.

4. Wedding Day Food:  You and your wedding party will be hungry, so plan to eat lunch and drink plenty of water.

5. Shoes:  I know that I mentioned this in a previous blog post, but please wear your shoes a couple of hours a week for the next few weeks.  You will be grateful on your wedding day.

6. Flowers:  Where do you want them delivered?  Do you know how to pin on a boutineer?  I typically recommend the ceremony site. The flowers will look their best for when you are walking down the aisle.

7. Lists:  Start a list of anything that you need to bring to your venue.  Distribute that list to your caterer, wedding and reception site.  This will help keep track of personal items like cake cutters, toasting flutes, photos etc. Also, designate someone to gather these items at the end of the night or the next day.


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