Behind the Scenes: Frenchs Point

After many attempts to make my way North to Frenchs Point (so many snow storms), I finally made it last Wednesday.  It was a bright, sunny and blustery day, but it was like heaven driving in a car, listening to my music (not my kiddos music) and making a few stops along the way.  After stopping in Ellsworth at Wallace Events, I continued on in the direction of Frenchs Point.

As I turned down the road and went past all of the sweet camps and cottages that were still bundled and closed for the winter, I saw the amazing green estate before me.  I had spent hours on their site, reading their blog and viewing their video.  It is as beautiful, if not more in person.

I hopped out of my car, and walked in- Christina and Jessika met me and we dove right into a tour of the property.  The gazebo, the paths, even the stamped concrete tent pad were impressive.  Then onto the commercial kitchen, restrooms, guest suite and we ended at Beach Rose Cottage.  

The thought and care that has gone into this property is impressive and I can not wait to arrive at the end of July when it is a bit warmer and all of the lovely gardens are in bloom.  Thank you again for taking the time to share your gorgeous venue.  

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