Cairn Events is in DC this week helping with the logistics and fundraising for the New Hampshire State Societies Annual Experience NH Event.  Check out the video from last year.Experience NH 2014

Sneak Peek Mondays…. #MeetTheImbodens

2 years ago I had the pleasure of working with the Brown family on their daughter Nicole's (and Irvings) wedding.  This past weekend, Cairn Events planned, designed and did all of the florals for her sister's wedding. Morgan and Tommy- it was such a pleasure.  I hope that your smiles are still as wide as mine ...


Sparklers or no sparklers?  They do look amazing when the planning/light/lighting of the sparklers and timing comes together perfectly for that amazing photo. What are your thoughts, is it worth the anticipation?

Behind the Scenes @BESWOON

2 months ago... and it is still fun to think of the amazing team that I worked with and the effort that everyone made to make our room what it was. Thank you emilie inc, dandelion catering, gus and ruby, snell family farm and wallace events.

Behind the Scenes: Wallace Events

On Wednesday April 1st,  I headed up the Maine coast toward Ellsworth.  I was en route to Frenchs Point, but detoured to go and visit the Wallace Events team.   I had been working with all of them since Josie and Isaac’s wedding on Deer Isle- 3 seasons ago and they have come to be my ...

Emera Reception Recap

On December 4th I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful corporate client in Boston. This was a big year for them, not only did they open an office in Boston but they also were the lead sponsor for the Boston Tree Lighting in the Boston Commons. There is a long history between Boston ...

Ceremony Aisle Inspiration

The ceremony, and aisle, is such a fun place to decorate. From florals to bows, candles and so much more, this is a space where you can really get creative. We love the idea of incorporating items like candles or lanterns that can be moved from the ceremony location to the reception for double utility! Below are ...

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