Changing Your Name…A Personal Decision

It is 2015 and many of us are getting married at a later point in our lives. I was married the summer I turned 29, and at that point in time I had been working in politics for 8 years and everyone knew me as Heather Quinn or simply “Quinn”. It was never much of a discussion between Michael and myself, he had even offered to take my name.

Over 1.5 years went by and we were expecting our first baby. As my due date drew near- I started thinking more and more about names and if I was going to change mine. In fact, I was in early labor on May 24th and decided that very morning that I was going to drive to the Social Security office and DMV to officially change my name so that it matched on my daughter’s birth certificate. It was a very funny experience with an older woman waiting on me at SS, me- rubbing my stomach (breathing as contractions came on) and then she looked at my marriage license. “oh!!”, she said. “ You have been married for a while”. I smiled and simply said, “yes”. it still makes me laugh to this day.

That was the day I became a Cuzzi.

It was a personal decision for me- and it should be for you. I still find from time to time mail (student loans) that are in my maiden name. But for the most part, my name is Heather Ryan Quinn Cuzzi, and now my 2nd child is carrying on “Quinn” as his first name. So, don’t rush into it- you will find a time or maybe you won’t that you want to change your name.

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