Choosing Your Wedding Colors

One of the first things you will do when you start planning your wedding is to choose your wedding colors. Often you will have a color scheme in mind long before you even get engaged. If not, however, we can help!

1. Flowers: Take a look at the pins on your wedding board on Pinterest (we know you have one!) and focus in on the flowers. Are there certain colors that seem to pop up in every bouquet you pin? Basing the colors for the rest of your wedding off of your bouquet colors is a great way to choose your wedding colors!

2. Seasonal: Each season there are certain colors that stand out. Think burgundy and orange for a fall wedding, silver and blue for a winter wedding, etc.

3. Your Venue: Getting married in a ballroom? You may want to incorporate the colors from the walls, tables, chairs or carpet into your wedding colors!

Once you’ve selected your general color scheme, you’ll need to decide on your palette. Will you have complimentary colors (blue and orange or red and green), Analogous colors (fuscia, cobalt & teal), or will you have a monochromatic scheme (variations of the same tone, lilac, plum and fuscia).

Still need some help picking out your color palette?  We love  browsing through w  for inspiration. You can search by a certain color, season, or even your favorite mineral.

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