Communicating with Guests Before the Wedding

Communication is key.

I had always known how important it was, but not until I was working in NH as Dir. of Operations and Scheduling did I realize how much communication is a give and take, but also a lot of hunting for the information that you need.

Which brings me to today. I now work with all of my clients to be sure that they are giving all of their guests as much information as possible to make their guests feel welcome, and take away any anxiousness of where to stay, how to get to an island, what to wear, what shoes to pack, etc.

Here are the ways:

1. Website: Whether you are a non-profit, a couple getting married or a gala, your guests will be looking for a website for information that may not be on the save-the-date or on the invitation. Here are the sites that I highly recommend to my clients. Square Space and Appy Couple

2. Email: Clients that are planning an event on an island, or that have many components to the event, I encourage to draft a logistics email to talk about the schedule and flow of the event and any other important details like phone numbers for hotels, dates for room blocks, contact information for water taxis etc. Again, it helps your guests feel like their needs have been thought of.

3. Information Card: In the invitation suite, I like to include a card with information like: rehearsal dinner time, welcome drinks, transportation information (if it is going to provided) and timing of the ceremony and reception. This is also the piece that many guests will stick in their luggage or handbag when they are heading out the door, en route to your event.

So, I do not think that you can ever over communicate, and do not hesitate to ask the bride, groom, organization or planner any other question that may come up for you because if you have a question, someone else has it too.

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