Meet Amy!

As I told you last week, I have a new office mate! Meet Amy…she’s amazing!

The Bouchers

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Litchfield, the small, central Maine town. Although, I don’t call Litchfield my home

anymore, my family still spends their summers there. I love that our children are playing in the

same fields, riding their bikes on the same driveway, and playing in the same lake as I did.

Nearly all of my greatest childhood memories were created in this small town.

What is your work experience prior to Cairn?

My work background is rather diverse. I spent almost 5 years as a Product Manager for an

international office product company. During that time I realized that I wanted a profession that

would allow me more flexibility with my schedule and allow me more time to start a family. I

received my Masters in Education in 2001. I was fortunate to teach until 2004 when our Grace

arrived. We were blessed with all three of our children in 4 years. (No, that is not a typo). I was

lucky enough to stay home with our children for nearly 8 years. I then returned to the

classroom, this time in the Early Childhood side of education.

Two years ago I began working with Heather and her Cairn Events team as a floral designer. I

have been working on a part time basis implementing stunning floral designs and coordinating

day-of duties. I am so pleased for this opportunity to work exclusively with Heather.

What are your initial impressions?

For me, the position at Cairn Events seems perfect. I am able to spend my days doing

things that I love — organizing, scheduling, creating and visualizing. I am enjoying the

opportunity to meet many local vendors through this process. It has allowed me to once again

fall in love with our wonderful state of Maine.

Are you married? Tell us about your wedding.

Eric and I will be married 15 years in September. Which means that we planned our wedding

before Pinterest. Hard to believe, I know. It also means that we did our wedding planning

before Google was created! We were old school….

We knew that we wanted our day to be spent with our closest friends and family on the coast of

Maine. We chose Sebasco Harbor Resort, near Popham Beach. We also wanted our day to be

personal to us – which seems cliche but I wanted to remember our day in 50 years and know

that it was timeless and included our favorite things. Some of our favorite things: a menu that

we would always remember, great Maine seasonal beer, bell ringers that played during our

ceremony, timeless floral arrangements, my grandmother’s heirloom embroidered table runner

that sat under our cake, incredible and personal photography, and music that everyone would

want to dance until the end.

It has been over 15 years, 3 children, countless diapers, 3 homes, some sleepless nights since

we began planning our event, but it feels like yesterday.

What is your favorite question to ask clients?

“How did you meet?” — I love to hear how each couple’s journey began. (Eric and I met on a blind date.) When I hear

where they went on their first date, the proposal and some of their common interests I can better

understand their vision for the event.

What keeps you busy outside of Cairn?

Grace (11), Connor (8), and Sophia (7) (all pictured above).

Each of our children have their own unique interests/activities, but some of the things that we

enjoy doing together: skiing, running, traveling, golfing, and we’ve been known to have a very

intense game of wiffleball in our yard. When I am not busy with all things “The Boucher 5”, I

enjoy reading, sewing, gardening, and cooking.

Favorite restaurant?

this is a challenging question for me. I will need to categorize my favorites:

Favorite restaurant memory: Joe’s Boathouse (our first date dinner)

Favorite restaurant with Boucher 5: The Front Room

Favorite restaurant splurge: 555 and Fore Street

Favorite restaurant for a drink: The Grill Room and The Black Point Inn

Favorite restaurant for breakfast: The Good Table

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