Seating Charts: Yes or No?

A few thoughts assigned seating….

It is one of the decisions that will come up through out the planning process. This is true for weddings, non profit or corporate events. Should I assign tables or seats?

My advice is typically, yes.

At the end of the day- look at it as an adventure. Seating friends or colleagues from one aspect of your life with another. It adds to conversation and it will make you, (the host or hostess) smile at the new friendships that spark at your event.

I think that one of the most overwhelming aspects is figuring out you are going to lay it all out. One of my couples last summer had this brilliant idea. Post it notes!

This gives you the ability to move people, take them out of the mix or add on a guest at the last minute. This couple even went so far as to color code for family, friends of groom and friends of the bride and wedding party. They mixed and matched conversations and backgrounds. It made for a fun evening from dinner to dancing.

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